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Oscar party coverage continues with this NY Times report of Sean Young (of Blade Runner, being insane, and, more recently, guest spots on Reno 911 fame) using the confusion and excitement of Jennifer Aniston's arrival to gain entry into the ultra-exclusive Vanity Fair party:

And there came Ms. Young in her wake, skipping. A few poses, a wave, and a dash inside.

Upon which: pandemonium. Barking into headphones. Yelling at guards.

One of the event organizers, a man more prickly than the hedges shaped to spell Vanity Fair in front of the restaurant, ran up to the security detail at the exit, warning them not to let anyone else inside.

Ms. Young, apparently, had not been invited.

Mr. Event Organizer told the publicists to lean into his mouthpiece and describe what Ms. Young was wearing, so she could be found inside the party.

A little after 9, he could be heard announcing into his microphone: "We got her."

A security guard then told us that Ms. Young was escorted out of the party, through a back door.

We must hand it to Young, who can still cause a stir at Hollywood's A-list functions, even if that stir involves being intercepted and forcibly removed by security guards who can only identify her by what she happens to be wearing. Still, you must give her points for pluck: Lord knows there are hundreds of D-list, has-been actresses just as unbalanced and spotlight-hungry as Young, who when push came to shove wouldn't have had the moxie to pull the old flashbulb-smokescreen -party-crash trick.