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Reports from the Oscar after-parties are still trickling in (we'd never begrudge our spies a day to nurse their hangovers), with dispatches from a reader who found herself in the middle of George Clooney's post-ceremony celebration at Dan Tana's and another from an attendee of Rolling Stone/Us Weekly bash at the Pacific Design Center:

Ok, so here we are (my girlfriends and I) unable to get into a party (we're actresses) so we head to Dan Tana's where, much to our annoyance there was a private party going on, so the good tables were reserved, and they hadn't invited us.

Anywho, its late, so we are finishing dinner, lingering over our drinks, in the dumps about not being able to get into any good parties, hell any parties, and in walks George Clooney, with several other people a couple of men, one of them Grant his writing partner, a pretty blond, and a couple of other people we didn't recognize. He is greeted by a big hung and kiss from the private party goers that include, surprise, surprise, the porn actress Krista Allen, and the party commences. We couldn't see anything, but it sounded like a good time was had by all. An hour or so later, Krista Allen leaves with George Clooney, he is clutching the Oscar with one hand, and her with the other. Man were we jealous. There I said it.

So, this is what I am confused about. George Clooney has endlessly droned on about he is not dating anyone, apparently he lied through his teeth. So, why lie? Is it cause she's done porn? If Clooney is such a big old liberal like he drones on and on about, why isn't he comfortable, more public with his porn actress girlfriend?

We're not sure that some harmless early career dalliances with premium cable softcore erotica should earn someone the "porn actress" label forever, but that's neither here nor there. Clooney's Oscar was accompanied by a "Get Out Of Speculation About Your Personal Life Free Card," which doesn't expire until the start of principal photography on Ocean's 13. Until that time, he is inseparable from The Work, and any whispers about with whom he spends his free time are petty and unseemly. At the very least, he retains Black and White Clooney's gravitas through the release of The Good German.

After the jump, The Rolling Stone/Us Weekly report:

I was at the Rolling Stone Us Weekly Oscar Rocks party in the Pacific Design Center from which you could actually see the Elton John party. The party was in the old Wolfgang Puck restaurant upstairs and it was decorated in a really cool manner with lots of pillows on the floor and tents with hookahs outside and lots of open bars and people walking around forcing delicious little pieces of food on you. DJ AM was playing and I was kind of impressed that Paris Hilton showed up until I overheard some guy in the elevator that was working the Elton John party tell his wife that the only commotion of the evening was Paris Hilton showing up with "too many uninvited people." As soon as Paris Hilton showed up (in this weird Cruella DeVille fishtail peacock dress) the people that were working the party had to throw a bunch of people out of a section so that Paris and her entourage (and if Nicky is blonde again, she could have been with her) could have a place to sit. Clearing everyone out of there took about 10 minutes and as soon as the party people left, Paris and her entourage sat down for less than 30 second and then started walking around. I had a really nice spot on a couch in a tent outside so I only ran through the party here and there to go to the bathroom but I saw Carmen Electra looking really cute. Corky I mean Chris Kattan was playing pool. I saw Lance Bass and Shannon Elizabeth at one bar and turned the corner to see Joey Fatone at another bar. I was looking over my shoulder to make sure that Chris Kirkpatrick wasn't following me and saw Meadow Soprano. Kyle (all righty) McLachlan was there looking less Blue Velvet and more Trey McDougal... and the guy that plays the psycho kid's dad on Desp erate Housewives, Alyssa Milano, Ludacris (the only person I saw that was even affiliated with a nominated film), and Kathy Griffin being loud but looking pretty good I must admit. I was getting kind of drunk, so maybe that's why I was so amused by seeing the guy that played Arthur on 6 Feet Under that's on The Office dancing a freak-out wedding dance. He was hanging out in the hookah tent later. When I found myself sitting between Ron Jeremy and Constantine Maroulis and staring at a 14 year old with a face full of makeup all dolled up in a white fur coat, I knew the party had jumped the shark and that it was time to go home. This party was loud, fun, rauccus and full of people drinkin hard and dancing harder but I guess it was a little short on the A-list. What do I know? Maybe Reese "prissypants" Witherspoon glided in with her Oscar at some point, but I DOUBT it.