'VF' Contributing Editor Competition

It's the battle of the Vanity Fair contributing editors for your go-to superstar confessional!

• Leslie Bennetts, November 2005 Jennifer Aniston interview (sweetheart actress sheds a few tears, poses without pants, reveals Brad Pitt is "missing a sensitivity chip): +3 points

• Evgenia Peretz, January 2006 Lindsay Lohan interview (sexy trainwreck teen actress admits drug use, poses without pants, reveals eating disorder): +10 points


• Lohan denies key points of interview: -3 points


• Leslie Bennetts, April 2006 Teri Hatcher interview (network television actress admits thoughts of suicide, presumably poses without pants, reveals childhood sexual abuse): +4 points

Peretz: 7
Bennetts: 7

Hatcher Tells of Abuse [USA Today]