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For once in our lives, we're not going to be cynical and accuse Teri Hatcher of revealing that she was a victim of sexual abuse for career reasons; it seems clear that's not what she's up to, and, frankly, that's much more of a Paris Hilton move for a slow week. Kudos, however, to Vanity Fair for not letting their exclusive slip by without maximum exploitation, splashing Hatcher on the cover in white (think: pure) panties while drawing her sweater (or is that a straight jacket?) around her, as if to retreat from the Desperate Secret that she'd "tried to hide my whole life." Nice work, VF, and thanks for not using the shots of a sobbing Hatcher clutching a tattered rag doll wearing a skirt with "innocence" stitched onto it in bright, red letters. That might have been a little much.