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Update: This tipster may have read too much into the story. Arrington says on Digg that Yahoo wasn't his source.

A tipster reveals how TechCrunch blogger Michael Arrington snagged screenshots of Google Calendar — from Yahoo.

You've probably read the buzz about Google Calendar on TechCrunch. The story behind how he got the screen shots is even more interesting. He alluded to it in his post, but he's afraid to come out and say it.

Obviously, he knows a number of people at Yahoo!. He was able to track down the Product Manager over there that got into the Google Early Tester and finagled the screen shots out of him. He's been sitting on these screen shots for about a week now.

Eventually, Yahoo! told Google about the insider in the tester program and Google canceled the account. What Yahoo! didn't tell them was that the screen shots were already out there. Google is generally extremely tight about their early tester programs and this leak is a big deal over there.

Supposedly, Yahoo! has numerous accounts in several Google early tester programs to this day.

Geez, Google, you've really gotta lock that down. Unless you're just using Yahoo for free PR.

Update: Or maybe not. Digg user "techcrunch" says: "Just for the record, Yahoo did not send me the screen shots. Funny how this stuff gets picked up though." Now we just need to check whether that's really Mike Arrington. Arrington confirms that's him.