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Thanks to a Defamer operative, we think we may have a clue as to the contents of that all-important text message preoccupying Catherine Keener early in the Oscar ceremony: She was merely getting confirmation that her name was on the guest list for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show later that night at the Troubadour.

Catherine Keener after the Oscars, still in her dress, rushing in to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Troubadour. She just took her big dress & hiked it up to rush inside the show. Meanwhile a couple doors down at Dan Tana's, George Clooney has an Oscars afterparty where Madonna was in attendance.

We were already aware of Clooney's private affair at Dan Tana's, but kudos to Keener, who chose to forego the tediousness of the post-Oscar party circuit and brave the unhinged mayhem of a Yeah Yeah Yeahs moshpit a sort of aging indie-mom answer to Hilary Swank's white-trash Astroburger Oscar coda. Yes, she probably could have stolen a moment in the back of her car to change into something less showy, but hiking up the designer gown and bumrushing the stage seems somehow appropriate in a Karen O "Hey everyone, look at me not giving a shit!" kind of way.