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Metroblogging cofounder Sean Bonner outs a filtering director at Secure Computing as an adult baby fetishist. Tomo Foote-Lennox, who wrote to Boing Boing blogger Xeni Jardin that he wants to "protect the kids" from the evil nakedness on the Internets, is either a diaper-loving fetishist socialite or the victim of the worst naming coincidence ever.

Secure Computing, based in San Jose (on Harwood Road — so close to earning a cheap pun), runs an aggressive porn filter named SmartFilter. A-list blog Boing Boing got into the New York Times for fighting its draconian policies. And that's where Sean Bonner found the fetishist.

Filtering director Tomo Foote-Lennox may not be a diaper fetishist now, but ten years ago, he (or someone with his exact name), wrote at In this newsgroup, he posted adult-baby party recaps like this:

Kitten, who frequently gets put into diapers on weekends, was dressed to the max. She was dressed in her best taffeta party dress, which almost covers her Attends (if she stands up straight), her fluffiest ruffle socks, and some big pink hair ribbons for her pigtails.

Look, whatever someone wants to do on the weekends, that's usually fine. But Bonner and other commentators are a wee bit worried about having someone with an extreme view of childhood "protect the kids" from supposed sexual corruption.

Still, some posts by one director, written ten years ago? Isn't anyone allowed some youthful indiscretion?

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