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The latest ConFonz update leads right into an afterparty gossipfest. Continuing from where he left off:

It came time to head across the street to the Khonke-hosted I-Play party at the Mars Bar.

The party was supposed to celebrate the launch of 24, the cell phone game, but it ended up being a forum for the leftovers of the Marketing conference to get drunk on Khonke's dollar.


And therein the gossip flowed. The bullet points:

nVidia spends a shitload of cash on charities. Investors, remember this as you quickly remove your dough from the company.


Future Network USA, formerly Imagine, was nowhere to be seen at the event. Not a huge defeat, since this was the first time for this event, but unsettling none-the-less. Look for Future Network to be a platinum sponsor next year if for no other reason than to piss off Ziff and the 1up gang.

EA almost bought I-Play, before Digital Bridges got ahold of them. We'll see who's laughing and who's crying in a year.

There were some new terms created for the show. One is the "paid-by-schwag" employee. This term is used to designate gamers who have been bribed with labeled goodies as an incentive to go out and post hype in forums.

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