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Hot set of events tonight in Silicon Valley 2.0 — Austin, that is. SXSW land.

For those of you coming from uncool places, all the hip (and by hip I mean geeky) city folk use Upcoming to plan their weekends. And Austin's SXSW Interactive conference is hip (and by hip I now mean hopelessly Internet-addicted) as hell. Now you can find, and stalk, all your favorite techies. Tonight's highlights:

The event itself. That roster to the right shows who's gonna be there and who's gonna be stuck home watching all the vidcasts.
Hit up (but not on) the lady bloggers at the BlogHer meetup at 9, in Stubb's Bar-B-Que.
Who knows, maybe it's still going on: the Austin Bloggers pre-SXSW meetup started at 6 at the Mongolian Grille.
Break Bread with Brad at 7 at the Ginger Man Pub. Who's Brad? Who cares? With 104 attendees, you're bound to know someone there.
The Friday Night Mix at Six (the place, not the time) starts at six (the time, not the place) and is just, like, another fun party for killin' time before the conference. Either Six or the Mix is co-owned by Lance Armstrong; no idea which or what that means to you.