(Re-post: That party you can't attend is tonight, not last night.) Catch the Flickr/Upcoming/Delicious party at the Iron Cactus for a 5-7 Yahoo-sellouts happy hour. So damn popular that you can't get in any more — but who knows, stand outside long enough mumbling "tagging, user-generated content, and you might get lucky.
Come for the pre-party, stay for the actual event (or sneak out and back in for the afterparty). The SXSW Web Awards Ceremony (official site) (the Golden Globes to the Webby Awards' Oscars) starts with free food and booze at Brush Square Park (across from the convention center) at 6, moves to the Hilton's Grande Austin Ballroom at 7:30 for the show proper, and heads to Club DeVille for an afterparty, 9:30 to midnight.
SXSW pushes the Funky Kingston party on the official mini-schedule. Paddle/pedal/pedestrianate yourself down to Headhunters at 8.
Fray Cafe Austin 6 at the Red Eyed Fly — it's a storytelling event run by the online story community Fray, but hey, San Fran superstar web designer Derek Powazek is speaking, so it must be a SXSW event, right?
What's going on at the Red Bull House? What IS the Red Bull House? Well, it's not listed on Upcoming, but follow 4th street (start from the convention center looking at the Hilton. turn left. walk) to Nueces St. Yep, it's that deceivingly bland building next to the parking garage and the radio tower. Head there whenever — it's open every night with fun, under-attended parties. Free booze, techno-sculptures that make coolhunters weep with joy, and all those skinny cans of Red Bull.