SXSW t-shirt watch

You can tell how cool a party is by who's on the free tees. As a Rubyred Labs member told me, "You know those cool American Apparel shirts? They feel great. Well, I got one, but across the front it had a big logo, [in a broad obnoxious voice] FOLDEEEEERA. I'm never gonna wear that shirt!"

But the tees at SXSW can get pretty classy. Dogster founder Ted Rheingold handed out shirts reading "byte me," but some shirts reading "I like it ruff" are rumored, and even a "Give a dog a bone" shirt.

Everyone who used to be anyone is sporting bright-red "I was Internet famous once" tees from bubble-vloggers Geek Entertainment TV. And if you're really internet famous, GETV's Irina Slutsky might give you yours for free.


There are dozens of others, of course, but you'll have to tell us all in the comments. Pixplzkthxbai.


Photo: Laughing Squid [Flickr]