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We nearly forgot: Today's Washington Post brings news that the USA Memory Championship took place here in New York yesterday, and it was won by a 23-year-old Yale graduate named Joshua Foer. He's also, as the more wonkily inclined among you might chose to label him, the 23-year-younger brother of new New Republic editor Franklin Foer. Or, for all you Park Slopians, the 23-year-old younger brother of hipster-chic novelist Jonathan Safran Foer.

This last bit of news has prompted our slutty (if currently transgendered) sister Wonkette to make a request:

Next time you see a Foer Brother (you'll be able to recognize them by their wire-rim glasses, sensible-but-disheveled style of dress, carefully cultivated air of quiet superiority, and the smuggest little smirk you've ever seen) ... please do your old friend Wonkette a favor and punch him right in his self-satisfied mug.

To which we'd only add: If Jonathan's the one you're beating, could you maybe steal his house keys, too?


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