To-Do: Monday night at SXSW

Great party list for SXSWers tonight. Start at the Lifehacker party, hosted by our slick big sister, at The Side Bar (that's 602 East 7th). From 9 to 11, drinks will flow and Gawker Media stars Joel Johnson (the Gizmodo/Consumerist/Gawker-tech-group genius) and Gina Trapani (the aforementioned Lifehacker's lead) will entertain. You might even glimpse some of Gawker's behind-the-scenes folks.

Then stumble over to the Velvet Spade around 900 Red River (near the invite-only Blogger party at the Iron Cactus, which started too early for our tastes). Ben Brown of the Consumating dating site co-hosts with music service Odeo and developer firm (and stellar party-throwers) Adaptive Path from 9 on.

Have fun, careful 'bout your drug choice (unless you don't have a panel to lead tomorrow), and keep that little card with your hotel room number.