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Bruce Ratner is happily bulldozing his way through Brooklyn, molding Marty Markowitz's borough to his whims. Nothing can stand in his way; nothing can stop him. Well, only one thing, according to the Sun: Fake email.

In a lawsuit filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, lawyers for Mr. Ratner claim that someone has been sending insulting e-mails in Mr. Ratner's name to at least one prominent Brooklyn resident....

So far, the only public evidence of the alleged anti-Ratner e-mail campaign is a fragment of a disparaging email purportedly sent on March 3 by the developer to the president of Brooklyn Brewery, Steve Hindy....

"Just a friendly messag [sic] to let you know I will not be selling any Brooklyn lager at the Brooklyn Nets Stadium," court papers quote the email as reading. "Nothing personal, but I have to make a deal with the larger suppliers - Anheuser Busch for one - in order to really do the right thing. You're small time and always will be."

Of course, Brooklyn Lager will soon be the least of Ratner's worries. Today he'll file an additional suit against Mrs. Miriam Abacha, from whom he has not yet received a single cent of her late husband's fortune, despite her promises. Once she transfers a sum of $900 million (U.S.) to his bank account, he'll buy you whatever beer you want.

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Ratner Files Suit Over Rude Emails Sent in His Name