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While we all might have liked to think that Nicole Narain's enthusiasm for the eventual, official release of her videotaped sexploits with Colin Farrell was rooted in nothing but an altruistic desire to share Farrell's camcorder-enabled expression of their physical relationship with the public, The Smoking Gun has uncovered a document that attaches a more crass motivation for her consent: a shitload of money. Narain stands to reap a $3 million advance (she's apparently been guaranteed $100K no matter the outcome) from distributor ICG should Farrell's lawsuit to keep the video from being released fail. ICG must be expecting an absolute avalanche of demand, given that the amount of Narain's generous advance could easily be eclipsed by a class-action penalty awarded to curious fans whose every subsequent sexual encounter is ruined by the tumescence-melting auditory memory of a filthy leprechaun narrating each thrust with disturbing enthusiasm.