Short Ends: The New Wolf Man's Humble Dog-Faced Past

· Following up on the earlier trade round-up post including Benicio Del Toro's plans to star in the The Wolf Man remake, a couple of readers reminded us of Del Toro's touching turn as Duke the Dog-Faced Boy in Big Top Pee Wee. He's definitely ready to take it up a notch to full-on wolf.
· Where's Andrae? Why, he's at the Red Lobster with Tim Gunn, sillypants! [via realityblurred]
"The Red Ranger" and Austin St. John are both perfectly acceptable gay porno names.
Jesus! It's Eva Longoria's 31st (coughcough) birthday! Be nice! Fuck!
Is it too soon to be pining for Brokeback parodies? Probably. But at least this one tries to redeem those sinning cowpokes.