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Sean Parker's reaction to today's techie-spotting item, Sean Parker pisses off Lindsay Lohan: "The least you can do is use a pic that looks like me." Done. And the Facebook founding president sat down to IM (at my request) about the incident:

Valleywag: So the drunk story. True?
Sean Parker: it happens
VW: was it really lindsay lohan's fault?
SP: it was some kind of accent, i mean, who doesnt scream in some kind of accent when they're drunk?
i don't think lindsey lohan had anything to do with it. i didn't even see her. though according to my sister she was sitting at the table next to ours.
VW: so that's the only thing you've been kicked out of lately?
SP: very funny...yes
VW: any further comments before we go off-record?
SP: this is my chance to be witty in my own defense, right?

Unfortunately, Sean couldn't think of anything — nothing we could run here, anyway, cause this is a family blog. Thanks for chatting, Sean!

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