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Lifehacker gives corporate bull some toreador action by featuring Bullfighter, which strips the jargon from documents like a spellchecker. Favorite Bullfighter message: "Cliche, with a hint of arrogance and a dash of pompousness." [Lifehacker]
The Go Flock Yourself for gentle people: New blog "bloat!" kicks off with a rundown of the top Web 2.0 personalities. (Caveat: Nick Denton is so Web 1.0.) [bloat!]
Tech show three-ring circus pulls in a healthy little Series A funding round. "John Furrier got $5.5m?" asks a reader from another dot-com. "That makes the bubble official." Hey, with Furrier interviewing VCs all day, it was bound to happen. []
Six Apart takes $12 million in VC cash; another $20 million raised by date-auctioning Valleywag Hottie Ben Trott. [Six Apart]
Look ma, I'm on TV! Tune into CNBC at 7:25ish EST (4:25ish PST) to see me examine those Lucy and Larry pics. Analyzing the placement of Lucy Southworth's sweater: it's the hard-hitting investigation you demand from modern media.