Gawker Stalker: Great Moments in Recent Stalking

We do so love our new Gawker Stalker Maps. And we know you do, too. (Especially you, Ken Sunshine!) But we also know that sometimes you also want a quick, easy-to-scan roundup of all the best recent sightings. So we're pleased to introduce a regular Stalker roundup, giving you all the funnest, funniest, juiciest, and, naturally, most life-threatening reports. The sightings, as always, are sent in by you voyeuristic little sickos and verified by absolutely no one.

In this handy crib-notes edition of the Stalk: Claire Danes, Billy Crudup, and (maybe) Mary Louise Parker; Lindsay Lohan smoking with her mom; Lindsay Lohan and Johnny Knoxville; Lenny Kravitz and Harvey Weinstein; Anna Wintour in Keds and Anna Wintour with Baby Wintour; Tim Russert acting like a frat boy; Natalie Portman; Paul Rudd channeling The Game; Peter Jackson; Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis; and Matt Dillon.

After the jump, help us help you help us ruin celebrities' lives. And remember to keep checking Gawker Stalker Maps for near-realtime reports of all your sightings.


My best friend and I saw Claire Danes and Billy Crudup in a Starbucks on 23rd & Park at about 5:00 PM on Sunday, 3/12/2006. The weirdest thing about it was that I was almost certain I saw Mary Louise Parker walk by me about an hour before, as I was walking down 23rd to go perfume shopping at Jo Malone. But since I had no one to corroborate it I wasn't sure. Billy looked vacant and NOT as cute as he looks on film, Claire looked good but ordered a green tea frappucino, BLECH. My best friend insists that she was wearing ill-fitting Express pants and had cellulite on her bum; sadly, I had no view of Claire and cannot confirm or deny bad pants or cellulite.


Saw Lindsay Lohan with her over Botoxed mother at Butter Monday night, her and her mom spent a lot of time chatting with one plain 20-something girl and a group of teens (her friends from home?)...tip for someone with 'asthma'- don't smoke like a chimney.

At Bungalow 8 last night 3/14: Lenny Kravitz sitting at a table with Harvey Weinstein, while Lindsay Lohan sat at a table with Johnny Knoxville, who was wearing a white sailors uniform. Lohan also hung out with H. Weinstein.

Friday night, 3/10, was in a cab stopped on West Houston Street and who should cross the street in front of us but Anna Wintour! Did not look as scary as I would expect. Very small and walking with a male companion, who looked kind of snooty. She was wearing a fur jacket (chinchilla perhaps?), light wash jeans and get this white Keds-type sneakers. Could she have been wearing Keds? I certainly did not get the issue of Vogue that said they were back in style.

Anna Wintour, 3pm march 13, Manolo Blahnik on w. 54th st with Bee Schaffer. Anna comes in, kitted out with helmet hair and a mid-waist over-the-sweater-belt, with daughter in tow to look at white strappy manolo sandals. (fashionistas take note: she was trying on a grommeted strappy pair in white leather) Bee looked cute in a sleeveless colored dress.

My amazing roommate got front row tickets to the Rolling Stones at Radio City last night for the Robin Hood Foundation private concert. Here s what happened: they played some songs, Mick Jagger cruised by on stage, we touched, he held my hand, one of the roadies gave me some Stones-logo guitar picks, and then the show was over. But since it s not unusual to see a celebrity at his own concert, I guess the real stalking I have to report is that Tim Russert was dancing directly behind us the entire time, looking at us, and he kept getting up to get beer. He fit in well with all the audience of 45-year-old-plus suits, but he gets credit for dancing to the whole set list, rather than just Get Off of My Cloud. No sign of wifey Maureen Orth. Oh, and John McEnroe was to our left, but that s not exciting. There were probably more celebs right there but I was too busy wetting my pants with elation at having touched the hand of god to notice.

On the nicest afternoon of 2006, I saw a very lithe and willowy Natalie Portman at the spotted Pig in the W. village. She was there with a women who I recognized from an episode of Sex and the City on the show she played the booker for Saturday Night Live (I think). Once the pair finished eating lunch they sat and chatted over coffee (SNL booker lady) and Tea (Natalie). Check came Natalie paid cash SNL lady paid credit card they hugged outside and went their separate ways. NP is so slight probably only 5 2 and her skin is luminous to say the least she had a tiny little headband pulling her minimal hair back. She seemed nice and completely unaffected by fame.

Late Saturday night, walking past the 11th street bar (11th and A.), noticed it was a lot more crowded outside than usual. As I was getting closer, heard a girl sort of shyly introducing herself to a guy with his back to me. As I passed, I saw that it was Paul Rudd. He seemed very friendly, and I heard him say, "did you know that me and that guy (referring to someone she was talking about) are telepathic?", which is probably the most awesome thing to hear a celebrity say.

Sat next to Peter Jackson last night (Monday 3/13) at Cook Shop in Chelsea on 10th Ave at 20th Street. He was with a pretty brown-haired woman who was not his wife. He drank a lot of wine and did that thing where you swirl the glass to "air-ate" the wine a lot. Although he's now "Skinny Peter Jackson" he seemed to maintain the "Jolly Peter Jackson" attitude. He was very nice to the servers.

Last night (3/13) at the Union Square Barnes & Noble, saw Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis at his book signing for new book "Junior." He was very nervous throughout the reading and Mila took a seat in the reserved front row only after he took the podium. She was grinning at him the entire time and at one point screamed to him to thank his girlfriend, which he did. They seem completely in love. He is tiny but has a big head. Wearing a black blazer, a t-shirt, and jeans. She had eyelashes that reached the moon but otherwise was makeup-less and dressed down in pale jeans and a grey sweatshirt. When he signed my book I asked him if his brother Kieran (whom I love) is still dating Anna Paquin. The answer is yes.

Was cruising the Armory Show on Sunday and spotted Matt Dillon tightly clad in all black with the token young Asian female accompaniment (similar youthful semi-exotic type spotted with Steve Buscemi last week). Was torn between my battling pessimism and optimism, to yell "Fuck Crash" or "long live Over the Edge" but was more just disappointed that I'd already been within three feet of him pre-probable facelift and was hoping for someone more exciting, say Gael Garcia Bernal.