Defamer Set Report: The 'Spider-Man 3' Shoot At Paramount

One of our operatives on the Paramount lot dropped us a note to let us know that the studio is currently hosting the Spider-Man 3 shoot for about a week, so we thought we'd use our exclusive satellites (available only to those with absurdly exclusive "web browser" technology) and a little Photoshop to illustrate his report:

Production of Spider-Man 3 has moved to Paramount's own New York Street (right near Stage 32) until next Tuesday. From what I gathered snooping around the set, they're filming a scene in a newly-built club called "The Jazz Room" set on one of the street corners. From what I also gathered, Tobey Maguire has a helluva lot more clout than Kirsten Dunst; His state-of-the-art trailer is located right across the street from the shoot, while hers is all the way over by the the Sherry Lansing Theater.

Like any matter involving real estate, trailer placement is all about location, location, location. But lest you think that Dunst is being bussed (golf-carted just doesn't have the same ring to it) over to the Sherry Lansing ghetto and is suffering from double-banger envy, our spy assures us her accomodations are "enormous."