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The ConFonz calls in from 2K Games and sets a few records straight — like whether the gaming gene is dominant.

So, 2K Games hosted an event to celebrate Sid Meier [pictured]'s Railroad. Sid's wife and son were at the event to help celebrate the announcement, and the Marylanders enjoyed the W Hotel's hospitality thanks to the ingenuity of the ConFonz.

The ConFonz is highly offended at the purports of Valleywag posters that Nick is somehow behind this glorious prose. Far be it from the ConFonz ro masqurade the affairs of the valley as anyone else's. You see, the ConFonz is far drunker, and far more awake than Nick could ever achieve!

End result: Railroad is a blllance and asset driven game, and Sid Meirer's son is a WoW addict just like everone else. He's gonna major in CS, and learned C++ as a first language. Can you imagine!? Sid programmed the prototype of Railroads in C, and his son has learned a more advanced, object oriented language as his first! Rest assured, Sid's kid is a total nerd. He lives aross the street from the mall too. Indescribable dichotomy!