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It's been nearly two weeks since Three 6 Mafia shocked the world by edging out Dolly Parton's sex-change ditty and Kathleen "Bird" York's ballet of intolerance to win Best Song at the Oscars. Since then, it has been one non-stop party for the crew, rolling with none other than kindred spirit Paris Hilton. (Video of their charming shenanigans made available by Not that there hasn't been controversy: The Beastie Boys may have started an all-out Southern vs. Northeast Hebe hip hop turf war when Mike D. recently told a South by Southwest press conference, "Nothing against them, but we think Dolly Parton was robbed." Terrence Howard was equally unimpressed, telling AOL Black Voices:

"Just seeing the way they performed, it kind of broke my heart though. Not the way Three 6 Mafia did it, but everything I tried to escape in my portrayal of that role, it seems that they went right to the stereotype that I wanted to assassinate. The people who had choreographed it apparently hadn't seen the film."

Perhaps, but at the end of the day they each have an Oscar to wave in Howard's face as they peel off in Hilton's skankmobile. Less easily laughed off is the matter of the lawsuit from a fan who claims he was pummeled by concert goers and suffered a broken jaw as the Mafia sang "Let's Start a Riot" at a Pittsburgh gig in 2003. They may have to make a deposition as early as next month look for the traditional swearing in to be given some Mafia flava when in place of his right hand, Crunchy Black proudly balances his trophy on the Bible and tells the court, "C'mon, G. If the Academy can trust me, can't you?"