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Trader Joe's has been open for about eight hours now and since you're probably sitting in front of your computer just dying to get out of work so you can fight with half of New York City for overpriced produce, we thought we'd help you out with a look at what you can expect when you show up this afternoon:

Lots of obnoxious nouveau East Village types who seemed like they were more used to shopping at Citarella where they can crush the spirits of the employees who always look they've been beaten down by their demanding customers...

got there at 11am and it was crowded, really crowded, but not any worse than whole foods on a friday evening. thing is, the store is great but actually a little too small. i mean, c'mon: this is MANHATTAN for chrissakes...the store should be at least twice the size, i'd say, for maximum mobility.

reporters were (unsuccessfully) hitting on women in line using cheesy faux interview come-ons (Imagine "Hey, what's that you have in your basket?", said with a leer.)...i guess they must have been from the Observer?

More first-hand TJ accounts — including a report about critical tiramisu shortages — after the jump.

They don't accept AmEx—shouldn't Robert DeNiro get on top of this?

Whole Foods was empty—we peeked in on our way to the F-train and the scene was kind of dismal.

My biggest complaint, besides the fact that the store is too small (and that the wine shop has yet to open) is that the aisles were filled with slow-moving elderly folk. but, being elderly folk from new york, they were simultaneously slow-moving and pushy, meaning that they were using their carts and baskets to herd us younger kids out of the way...

And now for the really important news:

They are NOT carrying the tiramisu, however, due to some financial troubles with their supplier.

The biggest disappointment was that their east coast distributor does NOT carry the very tasty ice cream mud pie

Photos of Trader Joe's [Flickr]