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At the risk of completely sacrificing this St. Patrick's Day on the altar of All Things Cruise-Related, an operative submitted this report from last night's premiere of Thank You For Smoking, which, of course, stars Cruise fianc e and onetime actress Katie Holmes. It seems that Holmes was too busy with JumboTron PDAs down in Anaheim to join her castmates at the event, and our man-on-the-scene speculates that the "Hollywood establishment" (and her director) didn't miss her one bit:

The most amazing thing about this extravaganza held last night at the DGA theater on Sunset was not the usual business of the producers/directors/studio execs fellating each other onstage before the movie began. Nor was it the heavy concentration of A-listers on site. Rather, it was the reaction (read: deafening silence) of the Hollywood establishment to Scientology War Bride Katie Holmes, who had a fairly meaty part in this good little satirical film.

When director Jason Reitman (son of Ivan Reitman) got on stage to gush about almost everything that's happened since the fall of Nero's Rome, he made glorious mention of just about every cast member (including the kid that plays the son of the "hero" and Robert Duvall, et al.). He named about four or six random exec. producers but blatantly left Bride Holmes off the list. Once the film started, there were plenty of laughs all around. But as soon as KH's perky face lit the screen, it was like a Scientology shit bomb went off and no one wanted even to steal a glance at their seatmate for fear of acknowledging the smell. The scenes of KH being fucked six different ways on/in six different tables, couches and closets were intact (minus any purported nudity—boo!). But again, not a whisper of anything from the crowd. Same with the remainder of her scenes. In short, the demise of the War Bride seems complete. Sightings at the movie and post bash include: Christopher Buckley (author of the movie's novel); J.T. Simmons, Rob Lowe (dapper in an all black suit); Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson (she was looking jail-bait hot, he's way too hipster-skinny); Cathryn Manheim; Anthony Kedis (way mellow and subdued); Kristin Cavalleri; William H. Macy; and the best sighting of all...former skating queen Tara Lipinski (crowding a brother out at the buffet line for those delicious little roast beef sandwiches...)