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Someone runs up a false Digg item about a Google acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Turns out that not everything linked from Digg is true. Huh. Who knew? In any case, the lesson here: Digg may be big, but it's not exactly at stock-manipulating level. [Silicon Valley Sleuth]
So tech site CNET bought dating site Consumating in December, and it picked up food site Chowhound just this month. Anyone have an idea what the plan is here? [Chowhound interview]
Ouch. Tech blogger Om Malik's great Andrew Mclaughlin (pictured) quote ("The FCC sucks") comes undone when the Google senior policy counsel writes to Om:

Not my argument. Rather, that s the other side s argument, and the one that has to be addressed by proponents of Net Neutrality (like me!). I even later joked about the inevitability of being misquoted. And yes, sure enough.

Oh, it happened more than once, Andrew. [GigaOM]
And so it begins: a judge orders Google to hand a Gmail account to the feds. Suddenly that "delete" button looks a little better than "archive." [Techdirt]
Esthrfication watch: still stripping vowels, and Mark "Zuckrbrg" is a double victim. [Esther Dyson on Flickr]