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Valleywag, in a vain attempt at reaching Wall-Street-Journal levels of inaccuracy, ran a non-item last week. Jeff Clavier, one of the SDForum speakers so unfairly accused of non-disclosure, sets me straight:

Sorry for the non-story here but

1) Steve Gillmor is not a investor or advisor and

2) I have invited Mike in his TechCrunch capacity at the very last minute in replacement of Dick Costolo from FeedBurner who got grounded in Chicago by a snow storm the morning of the session. With just a few hours to find a suitable speaker, I could either get only 3 panelists, or add Mike who graciously agreed to join us. Edgeio had nothing to do with this.

Right, time to update the old disclosure table. After the jump, a full run-down of Valley bloggers, their special interests, and whether they're telling.

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The bloggerThe blogThe make-out partnerThe morning-after call
Jeff ClavierSoftware OnlySoftTechVCSo his VC firm can't disclose everyone it works with. You just gotta trust him. (Heh. Trust a VC. I know, just try it for fun.)
Michael ArringtonTechCrunchEdgeioHe name-dropped Edgeio when he mentioned it.
Steve GillmorZDNetNot root.netWhomever he's in bed with, it's not, despite my earlier report.
Dan GillmorBayosphereFonSmacked by the WSJ for not disclosing. Was totally disclosing.
Dave WinerScripting NewsEdgeioWhatever you have against Dave, you can't say he doesn't disclose.
Doc SearlsDoc Searls WeblogJabber, Ping, Socialtext, Spikesource, TechnoratiPuts disclosures in his bio.
Robert ScobleScobleizerMicrosoftUm, did you NOT know that he worked for Microsoft? Which of the "Here's a post about what we're doing at Microsoft" posts did not make this clear?