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While it may very much seem that we are only capable of distate and disgust, we love the Observer. We also love much of their staff, a smartypants bunch of devilkins who are known to randomly appear at events in inappropriately dapper suits. So we raise the following issue with nothing but the utmost concern:

Is everything OK over there? We don't mean to pry, but we were reading the Real Estate blog and noted that managing editor Tom McGeveran had a published a 400-word diatribe on the appropriate use of cheese. "Is it too middle-American to declare that cheese, even if it is a last course, cannot be a substitute for dessert?" he writes. Alright, fine, a good question. But why is it on the real estate blog? It seems more appropriate for the Bridal Blog (dairy at the wedding reception is always an issue) or, say, Frank Bruni's LiveJournal.

But, dammit, the Observer is smart — there's got to be a logical explanation to this. So, uh, maybe McGeveran was pushed over the edge by a cheese article in Domino, which is a magalog for the home, and decorating your home is kind of related to New York real estate because once you buy property you have to buy stuff and...

Fuck it. Next up on the Real Estate, Tom works out his lingering issues with twist-top wine bottles.

Let Me Eat Cake [The Real Estate]