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Because Toby Young isn't quite done milking his ill-fated tenure at Vanity Fair for every last drop of post-facto enrichment, he'll be back this summer with yet another memoir, containing yet more reminiscences of Graydon Carter. The Sound of No Hands Clapping is set for July publication, and a mole at The Book Standard today passes along some choice bits he found in an unedited copy of the (apparently long overdue) text:

On August 15, 2001, ten weeks before [How to Lose Friends and Alienate People] was due to be published in Britain, I received a call from Graydon's assistant asking me to email over those passages that mentioned him....

After some hesitation, I decided to email him the entire book.... Two weeks later I got an email from Graydon asking if it was too late to make any 'corrections.' I could hear the unmistakable sound of a can of worms being opened, but I also felt an obligation to hear him out. After all, he'd been a pretty generous employer for the best part of three years....

I received a lengthy email back containing twenty-four corrections, of which the following — number two — was fairly typical: 'Not to be unduly picky, but on page thirty-eight, you state that Art Cooper's office was bigger than mine. I never took a tape measure to Art's office, but it was generally acknowledged within the building that I had the largest of any editor's office.'

The passage he was most exercised about was one in which I summarized a profile of him that had appeared in New York magazine claiming he'd fabricated a number of items in his CV, including the fact that he'd graduated from Carleton University and worked as a speechwriter for Pierre Trudeau. He thought it unfair and embarrassing to bring up those 'bogus allegations.' 'Lose that section and I'll help plug your book in any way I can,' he wrote. 'I might even throw you a book party.'

In the end, I left the passage in, but added a sentence pointing out that Graydon vehemently denied the allegations. Needless to say, he did not throw me a party and, to this day, the book has never been mentioned in in the pages of Vanity Fair."

Stop the presses: Graydon is vain?! Who knew. With revelations like that, we have no doubt No Hands Clapping will fly off the shelves.