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Page Six editor Richard Johnson and bride-to-be Sessa von Richthofen's nuptials are rapidly approaching (anyone want to cough up the date, please?); we can only imagine the stress these two lovebirds must be going through, throwing unacceptable flower arrangements in the face of their browbeaten wedding planner, who really should have known better.

While we're still waiting for our nonexistent invite to the big day, we do hear that plans for RJ's bachelor party are well underway. We've heard multiple versions of where the event will be held: at a mansion, on a private jet, or on a yacht — all three of which belong to Girls Gone Wild mastermind Joe Francis, who is hosting the celebration.

God, we can't wait to see a video of Johnson drunkenly flashing his tits.

Update: That video may be out sooner than we think — some readers seem to think the party was this weekend at Francis' Mexican manse. And the jaunt down the aisle is reportedly April 8th. Save the date!

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