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We've mentioned our ire towards online gossip site TMZ before but, with the passage of time, this new hub of celebrity trash and inexplicable d-lister video footage seems to grow. Or so we assume, considering that we continue to receive no less than three email alerts per day from the site's publicist, Gillian Sheldon. And though we love to bitch about Ms. Sheldon's incessant sending of TMZ links, we've realized that we're not alone: She does this to everyone, editors large and small. If nothing else, Sheldon has helped the media to realize that we're all in this cesspool together.

So who is this Gillian Sheldon? Using her publicist-ordained spamming powers for good instead of evil, she stopped sending emails just long enough to answer our ten questions.

1. Who and what the fuck is TMZ and why are you so obsessed with every ass-scratch of the American Idol contestants?

TMZ is an entertainment news website powered by AOL and Telepictures. And we care about Idol ass-scratches because AMERICA cares about them.

And God bless America...ish. More after the jump.

2. Who writes your blurbs? Do you recruit reporters from the NY Post?

No, we have an editorial staff with writers, producers, reporters and editors. The folks at the NY Post already have jobs.

3. In the past few weeks, we ve received dozens of email alerts from you. Some of the subject lines:

- Lindsay Leaves Tanning Salon — Paparazzi Nailed
- What s the deal with Mary Kate?
- Paris and Zeta — Arch Enemies "Chow" Down
- Secrets of the 12 'Idol' Finalists
- Britney's Deli Outing

Which story touched you the most, and why?

I had pegged Britney as more of a Canter s girl not Jerry s. That was disappointing.

4. When you were young, did you always imagine that you d be doing this? Or did you dream of being a firefighter?

Well, in second grade I came home with a school essay about what I wanted to be when I grow up. I said I wanted to be President of the United States or a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.

5. Finish the following statement: Carmen Electra, Britney Spears, and John Stamos walk into a screening of "The Shaggy Dog"....

And the EXCLUSIVE video is available only on Quick! Send out an email!

6. When Ticketmaster scooped you on the story that R. Kelly would be performing at Radio City, how did that make you feel?

Ticketmaster should be grateful that show got any promotion at ALL.

7. Everyone we know with some semblance of a media job receives emails from you. Do you just sit around and send email alerts all day?

Well no. I also fill my day with charity work and serving the staff hot, nutritious and delicious meals twice a day.

8. But seriously, the emails are ridiculous. Have you ever considered that you might have a spamming problem?

It s like the old adage if Gillian doesn t send an email, did K-Fed REALLY sell his cornrows to charity? And how would you KNOW?? I think of it as a public service.

9. Have you ever responded to an email solicitation from an African prince? How much money did you lose?

No, but I can definitely tell you where to get a cheap online prescriptions.

10. Do you cry yourself to sleep at night?

Actually no I m too busy sending emails.