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Gripping results from Leapfrog Ventures' survey of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Among its findings:

Almost forty percent of surveyed startuppers ("start-uppers" but best pronounced "star-tuppers") didn't feel bullish, didn't feel bearish, and felt more like a cup of coffee and a bagel, please.
Most startuppers felt bullish, but even more felt the other startuppers felt bullish, from which we can extrapolate that almost all startuppers think that other startuppers think the other other startuppers feel bullish. Or to paraphrase, they think they think they think the market's rising.
The number of VCs less hot than George Zachary outnumber the VCs hotter than George Zachary 14 to 1.
Leapfrog's logo doesn't scale well.
The three co-founding Leapfrog directors have a combined 35 years of "successful venture investment" and 40 years of "operating experience," which doesn't mean that someone had a shitty five years, but it's fun to assume that anyway.
Six months is now a benchmark era for measurable progress, by which standards Google is made of poor people.
A venture capital firm asking capital-seeking startuppers whether the money's flowing will not get biased answers at all.

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