From today's Times:

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Last time around, Hillary Clinton was supposed to run against Giuliani. He wasn't America's Mayor yet — just a well-known local tyrant with a record of cleaning up the city and a pronounced distaste for elephant dung as an artistic medium — but he would have posed a real challenge to Hillary's candidacy. Then he got cancer. And instead the GOP ran a seemingly 12-year-old unknown kid from Long Island, whom she trounced. This time the Republicans figured the match her with another aggressive, moderate woman from Westchester, so they picked longtime local D.A. Jeannine Pirro. Who, it turned out, couldn't run a campaign, couldn't find page 10, and had to be convinced by the party to drop out. Then they went and found KT McFarland, a Reagan-era official who left public life to raise her kids — for the last 20 years — but who worked in the Defense Department back then and so theoretically has good security credentials. Except that now it seems two of her biggest credentials — that she "drafted" Reagan's Star Wars speech and was the highest-ranking woman in the Reagan Pentagon — aren't so much true.

And it kind of makes you wonder, even if you don't particularly like ol' HRC: Could it be that God just wants her to win?

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