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This week's edition of Thursgay offers a panoply of hard-hitting journalism and reportage. Rather than take each item individually (although, trust us, we could), we're going to give you the gist:

Beards are back. And not the kind the dudes in Styles usually mean. (Warning: Article includes members of the douchebag contingent from Vice magazine.)
• Just because a guy likes to wear citrus or strawberry scents, that doesn't make him a fruit. Except in the smellable sense.
Special K slums it at The Container Store, still manages to spend almost $200. This week's stunning revelation: Alex confronts the possibility that she might have too many shoes.
• Fashion blogs are the new black. Blogs, short for web logs, are frequently updated online journals that okay, you know where this one goes.
• People who have been so hurt by other human beings that they become way too fond of the animal kingdom finally find a way to combine their love of pets with their officious hatred of homo sapiens.

Thursday Styles [NYT]