Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man: Workplace Edition

1993: A new President finds it difficult to adjust to the burdens of office, the Toronto Blue Jays win a second straight World Series, and, with the shining example of Heather Locklear on "Melrose Place" to guide them, women in the American workplace become total bitches. At least that's the assertion of today's Daily News, which places the Amanda Woodward character at the forefront of corporate cuntiness in its peg for a piece on how all you broads out there in businessland can be a lot less, you know, catty and mean. While some might argue that the expectations placed on managers are doubly difficult for women, who are expected to be both nurturing and efficient at the same time, a task that is often mutually exclusive, we're gonna have to side with the two young twenty-somethings (because who knows better than recent college grads about how to run a workplace?) who have written a guidebook on how to be less of a bitch at work: you need to "tailor [y]our management style to specific personalities and experiences."

Also, you could take a couple of Midol on those heavy flow days, am I right, fellas?

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