What a week for the Valley, what a week for Valleywag! Actually, I'm just saying that. Top stories this week:

Google in space — and in Houston: Google plans a Houston office. No moon base yet.
(Another) Valleywag writer wanted: One Valleywagger means a boom, two means a bubble.
Guest story: Netscape fallout laid out: The post that made Jeremy Liew a hero.

Caption this: Michael Arrington and Bill Gates, sweater buddies: Hands to yourself, Bill.
Liveblogging Tom Cruise: Arms were wrestled. Couches were trod upon.

Google Finance doesn't care about black people: Screen-scraping never get old!
The Junglee man's back with Webaroo: I just like how the words sound.

MSN Meltdown: Kevin Johnson shuffles PSD, round one: Buh-bye, David Cole.
The new Microsoft hegemony: Kevin Johnson's reorg rundown: I, for one, welcome our new Live overlords.
Larry and Sergey — a bond that can't be broken: Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Bill Gates's fighting technique is unstoppable: You think that's badass, you should see Steve Ballmer in a cage match.
ConFonz at GDC: Will Wright's sloppy like Poppy: Employees must wash hands before playing Halo.
Gavin Newsom is friends with the Google guys! Honest!: No seriously guys, they send me e-mails!