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Because we lurve Ashlee Simpson, we were recently flipping through the April issue of Jane (we know, we're behind on the girly mags), and we noticed a couple of things. First of all, it seems safe to say that after a few months under editor-in-chief Brandon Holley, Jane is pretty damn good. The look is fun, the edit is solid — just a good hipster-crafty-feminist revival.

The other thing, however, is a bit more troubling. We don't know how else to put this, but Jane is a little hopped up on bloggy goofballs. In this issue alone, there are bylines from Elizabeth Spiers and their current guest blogger Lindsay Robertson, photos of Melody Nelson and Jessica Cutler, a gentle ribbing of Perez Hilton, quotage from Sarah Lewitinn, plus a handful of "blogs you need to check out." Every other page, another blog thing. It was a RSS feed on paper.

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. It's just that we read magazines to get away from the blogfuck.