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· Warner Bros. sets a July 21st start date for Ocean's 13 (George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh can now start salivating over what crazy, artistic thing they're going to do with their dirty Hollywood money), with celebrity choking victim Ellen Barkin joining the cast as an urban cougar whose designs on lesser gang members Scott Caan and Casey Affleck will result in several loosely plotted double- and triple-crosses necessitating that one of the young thieves has to dance through a matrix of laser beams. [Variety]
· 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Fantastic Voyage director Richard Fleischer dies at 89. Hollywood braces for the sudden loss of two more of its own to complete the deadly rule of three. [THR]
· Apple Corps, the Beatles' record company, is suing Apple Computer for violating an agreement that Apple (Computer) wouldn't operate in the music industry, thereby threatening the Apple (the Beatles one) trademark. [Variety]
· Time Warner in talks with the Big Four networks to create an on-demand "hits" channel, which would give viewers too lazy to TiVo their favorite shows access to episodes they may have missed on their first run for a reported $10 monthly fee. [THR]