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Sometimes people send free things. An update to the Valleywag schwag watch:

¬ That Sprint phone got here. Tried to use it for work, which is why there are only two posts up. (That and I am dumb.)
¬ San Fran company Mule Design Studio sent this Flickr-in-joke T-shirt. It looks good and makes one's chest happy.
¬ Corporate Casuals, a Valleywag advertiser, sent some hats with the 'wag logo. Looks handmade. Very loving, very kind, gonna keep making fun of them on Fridays.

In the works: Valleyschwag, an eBay schwag consignment outlet. Swatches of the armpits from Steve Ballmer shirts! Oracle-branded condoms (Extra-thick Firewall (TM))! All at your fingertips, mere days — no, hours — from now.


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