Vaguely interested in this whole blog publishing thing? Gawker Media's managing editor — Lockhart Steele, oh yes! — is looking for an intern to handle miscellaneous projects of the following kind: obsessively monitoring RSS feeds; achieving the dream of signing Gawker up for free subscriptions to this country's top 3,000 magazines; mucking around in an Excel spreadsheet now and then; undertaking miscellaneous office tasks; buying presents for hard-working editors. You'll need to live in NYC (and be here through the summer), be available 10-20 hours a week, and not require money (the internship is unpaid). Coffee-fetching experience a plus, but not required.

To apply, write a paragraph about yourself and a paragraph about why you're interested in this, noting the Gawker Media sites you read regularly. Experience as a blogger is good; if you've got a blog, include the URL. No resumes or other attachments, please. Emails to lock at gawker dot com* with "intern" as the subject line.

*If you send your app to tips, we'll ignore you like the foolish ninny you are.