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It was a forgone conclusion that Brokeback Mountain's last go at the awards show rodeo—the GLAAD Media Awards—would rope it its final trophy, what with Brokeback being touted as a monumental turning point in the history of gay acceptance, and these being the awards that celebrate gay acceptance. As predicted, Ang Lee accepted Best Picture, Wide Release at the ceremony in New York last night, easily beating out such other nominated gay-friendly wide releases as Rent and The Family Stone:

Director Ang Lee accepted the award, commenting: "Finally, an award that actually means something."

Noting that "Brokeback Mountain" had won a slew of awards, Lee said, "Some of these are very meaningful to me.

"OK, there was that one that got away, but that's OK," he quipped.

Lee, who received a standing ovation from the audience at a Manhattan hotel, said it would likely be "the very last award I will accept for 'Brokeback Mountain' ... And to end the journey here tonight is like coming home. The fact is 'Brokeback Mountain' has helped to change the world." [...]

The heartfelt speech and standing ovation provided a huge comfort and release for The Gays, who felt cheated from their Big Moment at the Oscars when Crash stole Best Picture from under their noses. Luckily, these awards didn't propose a rematch between the two films, with GLAAD wisely choosing not to honor Crash for its brave depiction of an LA rancid with racism yet conveniently free of homophobia.