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About this Newsweek cover story — can we all share a moment of glee? Newsweek really gets the new web! Writers Steven Levy and Brad Stone score major points for:

¬ Gently mocking video sharing site Dabble for still being pre-launch
¬ Getting over the term "Web 2.0" in about ten words
¬ Hinting that everyone in this article has met each other — and probably went to the SXSW Flickr-Upcoming party.
¬ Calling Google's Eric Schmidt "cryptic" and leaving it at that, thanks

But most importantly, Levy and Stone slipped in this quote from Yahoo exec (and blogger) Bradley Horowitz:

With less than 10 people on the payroll, they had millions of users generating content [...] and thousands of people not on the payroll actually building the thing. That's a neat trick.

In other words, "Oh man, these suckers work for fun."

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