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After faux-manly shopping mag Cargo went up in flames yesterday, there is one question that presses more urgently than all others: What about their bowling team?

You see, the heavy drinkers too lazy for summertime softball came together this year and formed the New York All Media Bowling League. It's less strenuous than running around a diamond, beer is included with your registration fee, and the social atmosphere makes it easy to score yourself a new job. Suffice it to say, that this is not the sort of league for the serious athletes at the New Yorker. Just some of the teams participating: Daily News, BBC, Comedy Central, Jane, Stuff, GQ, yours truly (we're incredible, trust us), and, of course, poor Cargo. The death of the last, however, has all NYAMBL competitors wondering what will become of their team. The league maharajah, Giant's Bill Keith, responds:

Team Cargo is one of the most spirited and committed teams in the league, and NYAMBL is still fully behind them. Fortunately, as fun as it would be, I don't think we'll need to have a Sister Act 2-style fundraiser for them, as their bowling has already been paid for. And at the risk of overstatement, I think they need the NYAMBL more than ever right now.

Indeed. Group hug at the lanes tomorrow night.