If you can't find something truly fascinating on YouTube, you ain't trying. Above, Joseph Gordon Levitt presents "Pictures of Assholes," a short film about the simmering tensions between actors with video cameras and the paparazzi who really don't want to photograph them, but then do anyway. [via Gawker]
· If you were unable to reach us for a 15-20 minute interval at any point today, this is why (link could be NSFW). [via Cityrag]
· Back by popular demand: Hey, unicorns!
· Morrissey jumps on the save-the-seals bandwagon, but trumps Pamela Anderson's "seal clubbing is like the Iraq war" analogy with a Holocaust reference.
· Who could have foreseen that a sculpture of Britney Spears on all fours with a baby emerging from her vagina would cause such a stir?