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CNBC's Battlebots.

Last night, CNBC premiered Michael Eisner's awkward attempt to parrot the ghost of Tina Brown, Conversations With Michael Eisner. Filmed in a quasi-futuristic cold bunker beneath Rockefeller Center, the show seems to focus on Eisner fellating his guests until they break down into tears, begging him to stop speaking in that creepy voice of his (next week, it's Regis Philbin — a must see). Since the former Disney darklord is more the territory of our stargazing brother Defamer, Henry the Intern has taken his ass and pony show over there for a review. His take on Eisner's debut:

Eisner's first guest, Martha Stewart, appeared constrained as she sat on the other side of a long, large table likely formed by the melding of some precious virgin wood. "This is definitely one lady who knows how to make lemonade from lemons," Eisner said upfront. As Stewart and Eisner agreed on the merits of micromanagement and strategies of synergy, I found myself distracted by the ever-present but useless ticker at the bottom of the screen displaying global weather forecasts (62/38 in Raleigh, 47/35 in London, 45/35 in Frankfurt). That has to go.

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