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Britney Spears' long journey from sitting on her couch putting away Nutter Butters to the small screen is finally over tonight, when she makes her much anticipated guest appearance on Will & Grace. It's a canny move on the part of both parties, with Britney netting some mainstream exposure that doesn't involve her mistaking Sean Preston for a driver's side airbag, and W&G getting, well, some viewers. Still, stunt celebrity casting can be an iffy proposition: There's never any guarantee that your beloved gay pop icon can actually deliver the comic goods. (See: Madonna, Tone-deaf line readings by.) Happily, W&G show runner Gary Janetti tells USA Today, that wasn't the case this time around:

She was "surprisingly" funny, says the show's executive producer, Gary Janetti. She plays a conservative co-host on Jack's gay-themed talk show. [...]

On the set, Spears was "skilled as a comedic actress," Janetti says. She adapted to script changes and played to the live audience. "She knows where the joke is."

Janetti calls her "charming," "plucky" and "out there." And "we really respond to her in the writers' room."

Knowing "where the joke is" isn't something that can be taught—it's an innate sixth sense that all good comedians have. A natural like Spears, however, takes it even further, not only locating all the jokes in the script but drawing happy faces around them with Crayola fruit-scented markers, then sprinkling them with glitter.