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• We're honored to be included in this year's Most Loathsome list from the New York Press — it's like being told by a tranny hooker that you wear too much makeup. One point of contention, though: we are not more loathsome than Andrea Peyser. That's just crazy talk. [NYPress]
• After being arrested this morning for assaulting her assistant/maid/slave, Naomi Campbell emerges from the Midtown North Precinct wearing a poncho — hey, it worked for Martha! [TMZ]
• For their "Green Issue," Vanity Fair planned on using recycled paper — but it's just too hard, caring about the environment and shit. [Muckracked]
• Tim Zagat has no idea his little survey books are irrelevant. [NY Sun]
• Grups — New York magazine's new term for the dude in the Sleater-Kinney t-shirt pushing a stroller through DUMBO — are advertising demographic gold. Duh. That article was sponsored by Rogan. [AdFreak]