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He built another boat — Oracle founder Larry Ellison and his Oracle BMW racing team brought 500 guests to a "naming ceremony" for their new boat. It's unclear whether "USA 87" was the chosen name or the replaced placeholder, but I desperately hope it's the latter.

But that's not all the "Larry Ellison's Boat" news! After the jump, a tech blogger gives some obsession correction about an earlier yacht identification. (E-mail edited to make the links prettier.)

BMW Oracle use stealth in preparing new boat [Zee News]

Dear Walleywag [sic],

In the photo that illustrates your article about Ellison's yacht, it seems to me that you you have his old yacht, The Katana instead of the new one, The Rising Sun. I noticed this because I wrote a little post about megayachts back when there weren't any pictures of The Rising Sun available.

The Katana is sporting these ugly wraparound windows that do provide panoramic views, but have earned the yacht a nickname. A lot of people are calling it "Habitrails".…

The Rising Sun also has similar wraparound windows, but they are
somewhat flatter, as you can see here.

By the way, you might like my post about Ellison's driveway. Don't you think that he looks exactly like Hank Scorpio from the Simpsons?