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You really shouldn't be all that surprised. When every other TV show has a character updating their own "blog," the next logical step was the clever marketing ploy of having them wear the hat of "wire entertainment reporter," putting them on the "hard news beat" of promoting their own shows, and assigning them the playful existential dilemma of interviewing their "creator." The only hitch in this case is that Mr. Cohen, as we well know, is a character of the highest moral integrity—it seems rather out of character that he'd subject himself to lobbing softball questions along the lines of "What's hot in 'The O.C.' right now?" Of course, this form of viral marketing is still new, and there's going to be some kinks. We imagine they'll be worked out by the time Teri Hacher sits down with her Desperate Housewives character Susan Mayer for a tearful recounting of her years of childhood sexual abuse.

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