This image was lost some time after publication. finally killed their best asset, the lovable butler Jeeves. What better excuse occasion for an ex-Jeevester and friend of Valleywag to reminisce.

Today I was thinking about Ask Jeeves, due to their having recently dropped the butler. And believe me, back in the old days, there was all too much "dropping of the butler" all around if you know what I mean and I think that you do.

1. One employee's father was a member of the Bohemian Club and repeatedly invited Jeeves' only black supervisor to orgies.
2. One lady employee's girlfriend made dame-on-fella butt-humping movies for a living.
3. Two employees, one of whom was married (not to the other) had sex in the CEO's office and on the VP's bed. Repeatedly.
4. The sysadmin insisted that during his time in the adult film industry he was known as "Dick Tushman."
5. The only thing we could never find on the internet was the phrase "used celebrity underwear."
6. Dick Tushman and the CTO used to spend a great chunk of their time asking the hot young twizzlers who worked at Jeeves to "act" in their home-made adult films.
7. The CTO later went on to marry a stripper-law student-hooker, later indicted on fraud charges for hiding her alleged hooker money.

Dropping the butler is an end of an era. Jeeves employees were called "Jeeviants" for a reason. The people who work there now probably spend their work hours working *snort* and their off-time doing sudoku puzzles and protesting the war.

This mercifully non-name-naming list was brought to you by "That Chinese Broad."