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Today's papers have clarified just what, exactly, happened yesterday morning at belligerent supermodel Naomi Campbell's Park Avenue duplex, which sent a woman to the hospital and Campbell to Midtown North Precinct. Thank God, because we've been up all night, hands-a-wringing, wondering how something so incomprehensibly tragic could ever happen.

As it turns out, a camera crew from Oprah's production company was at Campbell's apartment yesterday morning, preparing to tape a segment for the show (the big O herself was not present). Campbell was getting ready for the interview and couldn't find a $200 pair of jeans she wanted to wear. Allegedly the jeans were downstairs, but Naomi was dressing upstairs and thus turned to her upstairs housekeeper (she has two assigned to each floor) for answers. Poor Ana Scolavino was the unfortunate soul who didn't know where the jeans were (because she only works upstairs, remember), and Naomi went ballistic, calling the 42-year-old a "fucking bitch" as she hurled a Swarvoski-crystal encrusted Blackberry at Scolavino's head.

So, you see, it was a simple misunderstanding over a pair of misplaced jeans. But one question remains: True Religion or Rock & Republic?

Update: The jeans were Chip & Pepper. How 2004. Sad.

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